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JavaScript is the prototype based scripting language wide used to making web pages more interactive and impetuous. The programming language is used as a part of web browsers and helps in creating rich user interface websites. JavaScript programming language is supported by all major web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, opera, etc… 

ADMEC Multimedia institute is offering leading-edge course in JavaScript programming language namely JavaScript Master. The course is of 2 months duration and imparts professional learning right from script setup to advanced DOM along-with HTML & CSS manipulation using JavaScript programming. Other courses that include training in JavaScript are Web Master, Web Premium, etc…Also viewers can go through the various articles and blog provided on web development blogs. Viewers are free to discuss there doubts and can also leave their comments. Your query will be reverted within 24 hours.   

Learn Debugging in Simple Steps in Advanced JavaScript Training

Learn Debugging in Simple Steps in Advanced JavaScript Training

JavaScript is used for creation of fully fledged applications which contain thousands of lines of JavaScript code and errors are bound to happen. 

Due to increasing complexity of code when something goes wrong developers need powerful JavaScript debugging tools in order to figure out the cause of issue and fix it efficiently. An alert () dialogue helps to some extent only.

In this tutorial we will see some features of modern developer tools that make JavaScript debugging convenient for beginners who just started learning JavaScript.

All modern browsers support “debugging” – a special UI in developer tools that makes finding and fixing errors much easier. Following are the keyboard shortcuts to access it:

How to Work with Literals and Loops in JavaScript

Work with Literals and Loops in JavaScript
In this blog, we are going to learn about Literals and loops used in JavaScript. When we declare a variable and assign or store a value in it, that value is a literal and has many types which we will see further. Loops are a way of handling the control flow, JavaScript provides many types of loops which we will see further.

Literals in JavaSript

A literal is a symbolization which allows the representing a static value in basis code. Notations in JavaScript are used to loading values, for instance, floating-point numbers, Boolean, integers, characters, and strings etc. Apart from these notations, there are elements notations too in this language such as arrays, and objects. Let’s look at the types of literals we can save with examples:

1. Numeric Literals

Floating-point numbers and integers both are supported by JavaScript.
Integers Literals

Data Types in JavaScript For Beginners

Data Types in JavaScript For Beginners
Data types in JavaScript indicate the characteristics of data. It tells the compiler whether the data value is numeric, date, alphabetic so that compiler can do appropriate operation. Different data types hold different types of value. If you are learning web designing or web development then JavaScript is a must language to learn so knowledge of data types surely will help you in clearing advanced level concepts of this language.
Data types in JavaScript mainly divided into three types.
Those are Primary Data types, Secondary Data types and Composite Data Types.

Primary Data types:

The Primary (Primitive) data types are again sub divided into three types
    • String
    • Number

DOM Methods in JavaScript – Easy Tutorial for Beginners

DOM Methods in JavaScript – Easy Tutorial for Beginners

This article is all about DOM Methods in JavaScript that will cover all aspects to play with HTML Elements like adding, removing, getting and changing elements in HTML Document. DOM stands for “Document Object Model” and it refers to a structure of document where all the elements have an hierarchy and each element is related to one and another and these elements can be accessed by programming languages like JavaScript.

This article is divided into two parts :-

  1. Basic DOM Methods
  2. Advanced DOM Methods

Basic DOM Methods

Basic DOM Methods start with basic manipulation of HTML Elements that is done by JavaScript, I will start from very normally used methods in JavaScript to make the things happen.


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