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Angular 7- Should I use this latest version or not!

What's New in Angular 7

Angular is the fastest evolving web development framework of JavaScript. Few developers have not even gone through all the features of version 6 of it, while its major release i.e. Angular 7 has been released. This version has major changes on the entire angular platform, which includes the core framework, Angular material and CLI synchronization. It also has some tools and partner launches. To have the best practical knowledge Web Development Institute is the best Angular Institute in Delhi.

What's New in Angular 7?

Below I'm going to tell you all about the new features of the Angular 7. So here we are.

  • Angular 6 can be updated to Angular 7 by just using a simple command.

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

In version 7 most of the apps just takes 10 minutes to be updated.

5 Skills to Make Your Design Stand Apart

Five Skills to Make Your Design Stand Apart

Today every potential visitor sees at least thousands of designs a day. Which one will they remember? The one that stand apart from others, the one that attracts most of the visitors and engages them the most.

Shout it out! Use visual that grabs a lot of attention! The human brain is visual, so visuals are crucial to making graphic designs look amazing. Use visuals and color to make a statement that is loud and bold.

How can you make your web design stand out? We have made a list of following tips which can make your work look like a professional which can attract attention in a creative world.

1. Pairing Contrasting Fonts

Pairing fonts is one of the most common areas that confuse people who are starting out with graphic design.

Top 7 User Interface (UI) Trends for 2017

Top 7 User Interface (UI) Trends for 2017

Trends are eminent changes that happen from time to time in all creative fields, and web design is no different. Trends are the driving factors for change, which push an industry forward for the betterment. Just like Fashion Industry, Website design industry has a long history of trends that come and go. As technology advances, the style of websites also changes.

How to Develop a User Attractive Website from Both Inside and Out?

How to Develop a User Attractive Website from Both Inside and Out?

A good website is a combination of numerous vital elements incorporating design, content, navigation and functionality. Nowadays developing and maintaining a website is one of the most important facades for any company and therefore has to be creative and innovative yet simple and user-friendly, not overly complex and engaging. Keeping the website user-friendly will improve its performance to a great extent, entice more views and boost sales for the business.

Being a part of the fast-evolving digital era, we are all aware that creating a professional website is no longer an issue which needs to be ignored. The real question is how to make our websites popular and user-friendly? What are the basic principles to follow?

A Workshop on UX Design: How to Improve User Experience on your Website?

A Workshop on UX Design: How to Improve User Experience on your Website?

Today morning! there was my workshop on "How to improve User Experience on Your Website". I enjoyed my UX Design session with my students completely. I was really happy after hearing many views from students about my UX Designing session. They told me that this topic was really new and they felt the importance of UX designing for a website after this workshop. Although I am not a veteran UX Designer and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) expert yet I have a good sense and few thumb of the rules to improve User Experience in a website.


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